Hello. My name's Robin.
I’m a strategic and conceptual copywriter based in London.
My advertising background includes everything from international print campaigns to viral content for plucky startups. Before adland, I had 'real world' experience in everything from insurance to street markets in the arse end of Manchester.
I draw on my broad experience to understand what people outside of the industry circle jerk actually care about. Striving to create work that goes a step further, and has a net positive effect on the world (no matter how infinitesimal), is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  
If you'd like to work together, drop me a line:
KesselsKramer London (aka KK Outlet)
Leo Burnett Italia 🤌
The Artists Formerly Known as J. Walter Thompson 

Pitch Wins
Timberland (KesselsKramer)
Esporão (KesselsKramer)
Carlsberg (Live & Breathe)
Vimto (Quiet Storm)

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