Esporão is a progressive wine brand that likes to do things at their own speed - whether it be their organic vineyards or meticulous vinification process.
For their first major brand campaign we developed 'Slow Forward': a global communication strategy that provides a true change of pace. 
The strategy
To help develop our strategy, we collaborated with Universidade Católica Portuguesa to conduct a study on the benefits of a 'slow' lifestyle, and presented the findings at the Centro Cultural de Belém.​​​​​
The idea
When you live on fast forward, you miss all the important bits.
'Slow Forward' is about taking life in sips, not gulps. 
The Slow Forward Manifesto
We quickly realised that the face of the campaign should be the people that live the "slow forward" ethos every day - Esporão's employees. 
So the manifesto needed to be something they'd be proud to stand behind. 
TV & Pre-roll
We used local directors and sound designers to create tranquil vignettes that cut through the incessant chatter of modern life.
(I wrote all the copy in English and supervised its transcreation into Portuguese.)

(ENG: People are like wine, they need time to breathe)

(ENG: Time spent doing less is more)

(ENG: Perfection goes at its own pace)

Out of Home
We helped the 'Slow Forward' message to resonate by placing ads in hectic locations, including underground stations and busy thoroughfares.

(ENG: People are like wine, they need time to breathe)

(ENG: Perfection goes at its own pace)

(ENG: The more you pause, the more you live)

(ENG: Hurry, slowing down awaits you)

Agency: KesselsKramer London 
Creative Directors: Dave Bell & Gijs van den Berg
Concept & Art: Oli Gabe
Concept & Copy: Robin Sanderson 


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